If You Cannot Communicate Then You Cannot Lead.

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Yesterday I met a wonderful national manager called Andy. He said something really simple and profound. It has stayed with me all day today. He said:

“If you cannot communicate then you cannot lead.”

After our conversation I knew exactly what I needed to do and how I needed to do it. Our discussion was respectful, clear and created understanding between us.

How often do we experience the reverse: too much “busyness”, totally focused on results and so driven we forget about the art of really connecting and communicating with one another. I can already hear the naysayers: we have to be focused on the bottom line and get results. And my response is really? Who makes the organization productive? Where are the untapped high levels of performance, if not within the people that work in the organization?

The type of communication I’m talking about is consciously listening, consciously taking time with one another. And just like Andy, having a clear message and delivering it respectfully. The focus on controlling, organizing and the achieving of results, are an absolute must. The point is though this need not be at the expense of relationships, leadership, creating understanding and gaining buy-in. Hence the achievement of effortless productivity and performance.

My friend Dave says that if you’re able to access the small part of attention we have left in our overloaded and overwhelmed brains, then you’re doing not just extremely well, you’re amazing!Here goes:

Be clear about what you want to say and how you want to say it
Be clear about what message you want others to remember
Be authentic
Create understanding even in the face of dissension
You may be surprised about what happens next!

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