You can select from a variety of tailored and specifically created programs; one size doesn’t fit all. We can talk through issues and design what specifically suits you and targets your needs to get the best possible outcomes.

Do you want to:

You can select from a variety of tailored and specifically created programs

Return on Investment
  • Performance Management With a Twist – do you want to review and refresh your current program?
  • Do your decision-making systems, processes and practices aid and/or inhibit outcomes?

Improved productivity and performance across the organisation.

Less meetings. Meetings that have a purpose.

Aligned systems and processes.Improved communication practices.

Return on Investment
  • What culture do you have and what do you really want?
  • How will you make your new culture a reality?

Aligned and functional culture operating.

Clear plan to achieve the culture you want. Executive “sings from the same hymn book.”

Return on Investment
  • Values & Ground Rules – what are the non-negotiables?
  • Team workshops – who are we and how can we work better together? TMS & EQ profiling.
  • How do we end the struggle and leverage from our diversity?

Clarity of acceptable behaviour and ‘rules’.

Conversations that focus on what is and isn’t acceptable.

Greater understanding of team strengths and areas of improvement.

Practical tools to build team engagement.

Increased self-awareness and areas of improvement

Return on Investment
  • What will we do when things get tough? Do we understand our conflict style?
  • What problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques do we use?
  • Are your formal/informal processes and natural justice clear, understood and applied?

Dysfunctional teams become functional

Individuals understand their preferred style and how they can improve and manage conflict.

Clear process and procedures with unrealistic expectations limited.

Return on Investment
  • Connected Planning: What Planning Tools and processes do we have in our toolkit?
  • Are our plans integrated, motivational, succinct and exciting – can everyone see how they help achieve strategic goals?

Focus is on achievable goals.

Everyone knows how to make a difference to the organization.

Clear planning framework that everyone delivers on.

A sustainable and successful future ensured.

Return on Investment
  • What is leadership? Why do we need it? How is/isn’t it being demonstrated?
  • Do we want to measure our leadership quotient and increase our performance?

Increased leadership and performance.

Insight into individual and organizational leadership needs.

Leadership teams able to map their learning together.

Return on Investment
  • Do you want Coaching and Mentoring with a Purpose to support a culture of leadership and learning?
  • Do you need to rethink your approach? Are your current programs working?

Integrated coaching and learning programs that aid the culture you want.

Learning at the individual, team and organizational level that improve outcomes.