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Tina has worked in Australia’s Top End for over thirty-seven years; she has extensive networks and knowledge of both the public and private professional work sector.

Tina has gained an intimate knowledge of business environments in the Territory, including what works and what doesn’t for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and multicultural workforce.

Tina is an accredited facilitator and highly sought after speaker and trainer. She has co-facilitated overseas cross-cultural training programs with Dr Murray Redman (Charles Darwin University (CDU)) over a five-year period.

Engagement Process

  • Discuss & Agree

  • Plan & Assess

  • Design & Deliver

  • Follow-up & Review

  • Reassess & Implement

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Tina Lambert is a genuine force in organisational management theory and practice. I would strongly recommend Tina’s skills to any organisation that places importance on a strong workplace culture and values system underpinning its systems.

    Dr Nicholas Coatsworth Executive Director | NCCTRC - Dept. of Health
  • Tina demonstrated exceptional skill in her facilitation of our two-way Strategic Planning workshops and delivered a transparent process to review our senior executives. I would strongly recommend Tina and the services she provides to any organisation wanting to engage her.

    Karl Dyason Chief Executive Officer | Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation
  • The Leadership EQ 360 program based on EQ-i 2.0, led by Tina, was an outstanding process for the Northern Territory Department of the Chief Minister’s Board of Management. This EI process with the combination of self-evaluation and benchmarking provided the ‘mirror’ that was needed to improve individual self-awareness to allow the Board to work better as a team and build on its strengths.

    Maria Mohr Deputy Chief Executive Officer| Dept. of the Chief Minister
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