Are you guilty of waiting for something that is never going to happen? Are you waiting for Godot?

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Waiting for Godot is a Samuel Beckett play which tells the story of two wanderers who meet at a tree in the middle of nowhere to wait for a man who is going to change everything: Godot!

Although they are not sure exactly when he is coming, they do know one thing for sure – Godot is coming. Hours turn into days and days into weeks and still they wait. They start to question why they are waiting and are unsure about how much time has passed and whether or not Godot is actually coming for them at all.


Still, they wait, just in case he comes because perhaps he can fix everything.


What’s this got to do with you?


Waiting for Godot is a parable. Are you waiting, hoping, praying that something is going to happen and that you will get selected for that job, or you will be recognised and acknowledged for your work? Are you unhappy in your workplace and do you just sit there and wait? And then you keep going to work and nothing changes?


Here’s how you can do something about this:


I suggest you use the Ladder of Accountability. Organisations can use this tool to change their culture and individuals can use the tool to find out where they are at and what they need to do differently.


Often it’s suggested that leadership starts at the top and I do agree with this. Sometimes the leadership that exists in an organisation isn’t the leadership we want or value.  Under those circumstances don’t sit and wait and hope – do something about it.


So here’s the ladder of accountability in action.


The bottom layers of the ladder suggest you do not:


·      Wait and hope

·      Use “I can’t” excuses

·      Blame others

·      Be in denial


Using accountable and proactive behaviour is far more helpful, hence the upper layers of the ladder are:


·      Acknowledge reality

·      Own it and take a position

·      Find/create solutions

·      Make it happen


If you want more information about the Ladder of Accountability visit this website from an organisation called Leadership Forces:


On this link you’ll be able to complete a survey about yourself and identify “where your locus of control” is at.  You will also be able to find what the ladder of accountability looks like.


In my view, none of us are perfect! The ladder is a vertical continuum we can slide up and down on, depending on what is happening and how we are feeling. So, keep a picture close by and ask yourself:


·      Where am I on the ladder today?

·      Where do I want to be?

·      How am I going to get there?

·      Am I ok with where I’m at?


And if I can help in anyway, please contact me. I’d love to help. Sometimes reframing and understanding why we are at a particular point of the continuum needs to be talked through.