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Backed by more than 20 years of research, this is the first scientifically validated and most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment tool in the world.

The Emotional Quotient Inventory [EQ-I 2.0] is an individual’s self-report of their social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the key issues that need improvement, you can immediately begin developing in those areas. At the same time, you can leverage your strengths to their full potential to maximize leadership effectiveness on a daily basis.

Sample EQ-i 2.0 Leadership      My EQ-i 2.0 Report

The tool measures leadership before and after coaching and identifies areas of strength and weakness to leverage and work on. It can be used for Leadership Programs, Organisational Development, Executive Coaching, Team Building and selection and recruitment of executives and “hard to recruit to” positions.

Identifying areas of ‘leadership’ need accelerates coaching and reports identify targeted strategies to aid change and track ongoing development. Profiles promote self-awareness and provide a practical guide to improvement for the self, others and whole team.